The SEO Proximity Difference

Many companies have a nicely designed website that may have required an investment of tens of thousands of dollars. But just because a website looks good doesn't mean it's functioning properly as a sales tool.

SEO Proximity puts the focus on your business to identify site performance issues and make necessary adjustments that will shorten your sales funnel, and increase web traffic and revenue.

Our SEO Services

Client-Focused Research

Our first step to successful SEO is to understand your business, customers, and industry. No SEO objective can be successful without a working knowledge of your business goals and market landscape. The discovery process begins with an initial interview with business leaders, a review of past and present marketing collateral, web-based research, and additional interviews with SME (subject matter experts) and sales staff. Once this foundation is established, a strategy can be formulated and the planning stage can begin.

Technical SEO

This is the part of SEO that is often overlooked because its value is misunderstood. The process of managing technical SEO can be painstakingly tedious, but necessary. You can think of technical SEO as a book outline that gives structure to your website. These practices are essential for search engine web crawlers to efficiently and effectively collect the marketing content on your web pages based on a created hierarchy. The information is then collected and will appear in Google and Bing organic search results.

Social SEO

Everything is communicated and shared via social media these days, so if you're not funneling content through these channels then you're behind in the game. However, not all social media outlets are ideal for every business. Based on your audience and content marketing strategy, SEO Proximity can decipher which social media channels are best for your business.

Website Audit & Analytics

Part of knowing which direction to go with your SEO strategy is knowing where you've been. To reveal the current status of your website, SEO Proximity will request access to your web analytics. We'll work with you if you don't already have Google or Bing Analytics. Additionally, we'll run an audit of your site that will give us technical insight into information such as missing pages, linking, meta data, canonicalization, and other SEO jargon you may not be familiar with now but will come to understand with SEO Proximity.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a vague concept to most because there are so many facets involved that no one size fits all. Businesses of various sizes from one industry to the next will all have unique content strategies based on available resources and customer needs. SEO Proximity works with you to create a content strategy that is relevant, practical and results-oriented.

Link Strategy

Links are the virtual conduit between you and your customers. A good internal link structure helps your online visitors navigate their way to relevant content, but also increases web crawler efficiency for site indexing. A site with quality external links is also rewarded in search results.

How to Begin with SEO

SEO Proximity keeps things as simple as possible, so you have a clear understanding of the process.

Step 1: Contact us.
Step 2: Discuss your business objectives and goals.
Step 3: Receive a website audit and a proposal.
Step 4: Sign our service agreement.
Step 5: Provide requested resources.
Step 6: Receive analytics and performance evaluations.