SEO Proximity Helps Small to Mid-Size Businesses Build Brand Awareness. Increase Web Presence. Exceed Revenue Goals.

When SEO Proximity enters into a new business partnership the question asked is how can we efficiently and cost-effectively help your business achieve its greatest marketing success. SEO Proximity is a business partner that provides search engine optimization and additional content marketing services that fill the marketing knowledge gap for small to mid-size companies.

The expertise that SEO Proximity brings to the table helps build brand awareness and create online presence to exceed revenue goals by bringing qualified customers to your website.

Why SEO Proximity

Your business and value proposition is unique to the markets and industries that it serves. And, any effective SEO optimization campaign that you employ should mirror the uniqueness of your business and the environs that impact it. That's where SEO Proximity comes in.

Successful SEO optimization requires a thorough understanding of business and market knowledge, technical aptitude, and dedication. Too often marketing agencies apply a one-to-many method that has limited or no positive gain. That's why the driving force behind SEO Proximity is providing customized SEO services that are aligned with your business.

Over the years I've worked for a Fortune 500 company specializing in advanced education, small and mid-size manufacturing companies in the agricultural industry, and a data services company in the automotive sector.

I've been fortunate to share in the experience of helping to more than double annual revenues for these companies in 1-3 years through SEO best practices and effective marketing strategies. The results were so dramatic that to some business owners it was like “magic.”

I submit that any business can find real success with search engine optimization through continuous due diligence and use of SEO best practices.